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Bambeh Bambeh

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Love it!

I love this picture! It is just a very funny scene all around!

btw, what is with thumper's face?

Dawn-Breaker responds:

Thumper is not amused... pretty much about it !

thank you for the reveiw c:

Unicorn and the Dragon Unicorn and the Dragon

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Good Point!

Finally! Someone sees the dragon as the possible victim, not necessarily the representative of evil, as so many believe it to be. I personally have a unicorn hunting license, so this only solidifies the argument that I make about how there is some bias as to the species of the villain and the cute stories are only one-sided. Great Picture nonetheless, and great point!

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Moo Cow Moo Cow

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Well Done!

At least you know the difference between a cow and a bull, I know people who couldn't tell, they'd just call it a big cow. By the way, all cattle (meaning both bulls and cows) have horns, it's just that the female's are significantly smaller, or are removed by the farmer for safety reasons. Anyway, great job, love it.

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hannahbananafofana responds:

It really bothers me that the media spreads that misconception even further. I've seen a lot of kid's shows that make boy cows have udders. *face/palm*

I had no idea that female cows had horns! :O I feel like such an idiot. XD

Thank you for the review. :3