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So excited!

2012-01-29 15:24:21 by clarakat1

I'm so excited to be working with reel2! He's going to rearrange a song for my concert band!

I'm back

2012-01-01 19:47:15 by clarakat1

Not that I'm posting anything, but I just wanted to say that Newgrounds called to me and I've been listening to some great music!

A New Pic!

2010-01-13 07:38:25 by clarakat1

I've been on this Lion King thing after my concert band began playing a medley of songs from Lion King.

I submitted a new pic of Scar that I decided to draw once reviewing the movie to get inspiration.


A New Pic!

What's up?

2009-12-12 21:02:52 by clarakat1

Hey guys!

It's been awhile since I've been on Newgrounds, so forgive me for not updating the profile lately.

Okay, well now I must go watch Glee reruns.

GLEEks Unite!


What's up?

Another jerk!

2009-12-01 18:57:43 by clarakat1

Once again, I must vent about someone NOT on Newgrounds. This

This person is an idiotic dumbass and has always been a jerk to everyone.

He threatened to kill my pets last year, and he denied doing anything. Yes, right to my face.

This is what I wish I had said today:

"Y'know what, dumbass? I have the apology letter the principal made you write once he caught wind.

Where's your proof idiot? Oh, right, you have none!"

Once again, this person is NOT, I repeat, NOT ON NEWGROUNDS

Please comment if you agree that a person with the gall to threaten someone like that should be expelled.

This was a Public Service Announcement from People Against *Name Censored* Getting a Reprieve.

Thank you,



2009-11-26 16:46:14 by clarakat1

Met a friend of the family that goes to West Point.

Really cool uniforms.

Happy Thanksgiving/Black Friday!


Romeo and Juliet

2009-11-21 11:47:40 by clarakat1

Well, Romeo and Juliet is still stupid.

I can't believe a 20 somethin' guy wants to marry a 12-13 year old girl. That's statiatory isn't it?

What evs, I woulda killed the dude on the spot, he's way to egotistical.

Disgusting dumbass.


Oh, and suggest me for the Art Portal dammit!

I would sic the carnivorous deer (below) on him.

Romeo and Juliet


2009-11-19 18:52:31 by clarakat1

The situation over my picture has finally diffused after some angry words.

Dammit! I didn't get any drawing done while angry, so sorry guys.

Whatever, maybe my brother will piss me off before he goes hunting, so he can't apologize and I'll be fuming all weekend.

Maybe, just maybe.


What a Jerk!

2009-11-17 18:35:38 by clarakat1

A Quick Shout-out/rant to someone in my non-internet life.

A certain person (not on Newgrounds, in my everyday life) has absolutely NO right to say my pics are crap, because he has NO humanoid drawing ability himself. In fact, all I've ever seen him draw is a bunch of stupid stick figures in crudely drawn war scenes. In conclusion, he is a stuck-up ass, that will never be number 1 in everything, which he insists he is. Okay, I lied, that wasn't the end of my rant. I have a few more choice words for him:

Screw you, you suck, and I now am very pissed with you (the specific person).

Now, the real conclusion.

Sir (referring, of course, to this particular person), you need a swift kick in the ass to launch you off your stupid high horse. I don't mean figuratively either! Don't make me get a guy twice your size (wouldn't be too hard, he's a frickin' stick) to kick your ass off of that damn horse.

Yeah, now I'm done.


PS: Forgive me for the rant, I'm just REALLY pissed right now.

See that pic below, it's not crap is it? THAT'S the pic he said was crap.

Oh, and watch for more pictures and updates as this feud continues. Anger seems to be an excellent fuel for drawing.

What a Jerk!

Romeo and Juliet

2009-11-17 17:09:54 by clarakat1

This book [Romeo and Juliet] sucks!

For one, I don't get why the Prince doesn't let them fight!

I'd just say, "Ah screw it, duke it out, I'm done here. I don't give a crap anymore."

In fact, I woulda kicked all their pathetic little butts myself!

Now that would make a good story!

I refuse to let the terrorists win!

With my regards to all,


Romeo and Juliet